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El Museo Del Barrio Bienal 2013: Here Is Where We Jump
to Jan 4

El Museo Del Barrio Bienal 2013: Here Is Where We Jump

Appearing as his radio personality known by the moniker DJ Decker Radario AKA DJ Decks, Eric Ramos Guerrero will host Cortez Killer Cutz Mixtape Radio (2013) for the exhibition. DJ Decks’ pirate radio has been stealthily stationed on an island thought to be California that was first described in the 1510 novel, Las sergas de esplandian, by the Spanish writer Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo. From first hand accounts by wayward early 16th century Spanish explorers, Rodriguez de Montalvo was the first to publish on the inhabitants of the island: a castration complex-inducing, estrogen fueled isle of colossal women overruled by a warrior queen named Califa. Similar to the role that DJ Decks’ radio program plays in his homeland, its presence in the exhibition will function as beacon for social and political discourse. It will also transmit live from El Museo Del Barrio and rock the airwaves but also host interviews and performances. Cortez Killer Cutz Mixtape Radio is context dependent and relational, and alludes to other forms of electronic transmission associated with the historical avant-garde: the Eiffel Tower’s (1889) ability to transmit radio waves across borders in the first decade of the 20th century inspired the Eiffel Tower paintings by Orphic abstractionist Robert Delaunay. Guerrero’s intelligent and poetic Cortez Killer Cutz Mixtape Radio, with its admixture of rap, oldies music, street culture and a sort of neo-Fluxus conceptualism and performance, has an affinity with one of the landmark works of discursive transmission, albeit never actualized: V. I. Tatlin’s utopian Monument to the Third International (1919-20).

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