cinnamon bun.

outer rings consumed for breakfast. 

cinnamon bun heart saved for dessert for a later meal. 

removed ac unit from window and wrapped with saran wrap.  if there are spiders inside they will remain there until the summer.

completed large drawing.

proceeding with drawing 3 & 4 for upcoming exhibition. 

portishead: portishead album

&  portishead: dummy album  

"the doobie bros" is a funny name for a band



8.30am list making


travel planning.  california and southeast asia. 

emailed deliverables to client

tornado watch in nyc


rain and the prospects of outdoor activities. 

rain is unavoidable today. 

the prospects of writing looks promising. 

updating and refinement of website. 

mortimer walk about. 


1 cup of fage yogurt with honey. 

organization of laundry to be washed. 

morning emails/facebook msgs

quarter cup of poland spring water

replaced water and added food to mortimer's cage. 

changed newspaper under mortimer's cage. 

mortimer's morning flyabout. 

moved car from east side of street for alternate side parking

researched portable jumpstarters. 

worked on website. 

plans for drinks later this evening